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Gulf Coast Classic Dog Show

Grooming Space Purchase Online


We have a LIMITED number of reserved grooming spaces in the exhibition areas available on

a first come, first-served basis. There will be free grooming behind the reserved.

• Deadline for reservations is Friday, August 26, 2022, or when all reserved spaces have been sold. Monies will not be refunded, and reservations cannot be changed, after close of show entries at 12:00 Noon (cst), August 24, 2022.

• Reservations are for all five days. No partial reservations accepted.

• Check or money order can be used but must be mailed in and accompany the below reservation form.

• Reservations payments can be made on line by Credit Card/PayPal by clicking this link : . Note: There may be a small service fee for using the online payment method / reservation. To ensure your reservation is processed, FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS on the website. Use comment “For” section to provide below information.

• Do not include reservation form and payment when signing up for show entries with Foy Trent.

• No fax, email, walk-in or telephone reservation payments will be accepted.

• We will attempt to provide space to be set up near another exhibitor if reservations. No guarantee is made & will be based on available space & earliest reservations

• When all spaces are sold out, form and payment will be returned.

• Reserve set up will start on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 8:00 am, (or earlier at discretion of Show Chairperson), however your space will be reserved for your arrival on any day.

• Electrical outlets must be shared (*IF provided); no space has exclusive use of any outlet. Exhibitors must provide their own extension cords. ALL cords MUST BE taped down to prevent tripping hazards.

• All rules that apply to the non-reserved grooming also apply to reserved grooming.

• Crate doors should open AWAY from the rings; back of crates will face the rings and must be covered.

• Grooming spaces will be monitored and must be maintained in clean and sanitary condition.

• Exercise pens are permitted; however, Plastic sheeting must cover the floor under the entire exercise pen area and must have paper or shavings on top. At the completion of shows, plastic is to be wrapped up neatly and placed near a large trash can. Failure to follow instructions made by the event committee or grounds staff can result in forfeiture of a reserved grooming space and removal of exercise pens.

• Each setup should have posted contact information with phone number of exhibitor.

(Make PAYABLE TO Mobile Kennel Club, Inc.)


Reserve Grooming, Attn: Jimmy Paulk

203 Brown Road , Creola Al., 36525


RESERVED GROOMING REQUEST FORM: ______ 10x10 @ $50.00 each

Number of Spaces Requested: ______________________________________________

Name (print): ____________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________Email: ___________________________________

Breed(s): ______________________________________ Number of Dogs at Show: ___

Special Requests:_________________________________________________________

I, the undersigned, understand that this reservation will be accepted on a first come,

first served basis and that I will accept the space I am assigned. I further understand

that reserved grooming space is a privilege that can be withdrawn from those who do

not follow the rules, regulations and instructions of the AKC, Mississippi Gulf Coast Toy

Breed Club., Singing River Kennel Club of Mississippi & Mobile Kennel Club, Inc.